St. Andrews Episcopal Church We invite you to consider making St. Andrew's your spiritual home.

Outside of the United States, Episcopalians are known as Anglicans. And, we number more than 60 million members worldwide. The Episcopal worship service uses modern versions of the Book of Common Prayer, which originated with the Church of England’s first edition in 1549. The Church determined, through the creation of this book, that all baptized persons would participate in the liturgy, not merely have it performed for them by the clergy. We continue in the tradition of involvement, using the 1979 American edition of the Book of Common Prayer. To maximize everyone's participation, we provide booklets containing the parts of the service from the Prayer Book and directions for all the music that is to be sung. Also included with each booklet, are copies of the texts for the Scripture readings of the day. Everyone is encouraged to take these inserts home so they may later review them and reflect on the lessons of the day.

Worship Service Schedule

Throughout the year:
Sunday at 10:00 a.m. in the church, with organ music and hymns. 


In addition to the Sunday schedule noted in the Worship section, the congregation also observes major feasts and Holy Days. The schedule of those events are posted in the service bulletins and the monthly newsletter.

In the Episcopal Church, our ordained ministers are referred to as bishops, priests, vicars and deacons. The priest-in-charge of a mission, such as St. Andrew’s, is called a Vicar. The Vicar usually presides and offers a sermon or homily at services. At St. Andrew's, church services are led by ministry teams of men and women. We therefore "commission" Lay Readers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Acolytes to assist the priest. At each Eucharist, all baptized Christians, regardless of their denominational background, are invited to come to the alter, or Lord's Table, and are welcome to receive communion. This invitation includes baptized children because we wish that they will always remember a time when they participated in this sacrament.


 Bishop Waggoner with Reverend Canon Linda Mayer on the day she was ordained at St. Luke's in Wenatchee









Children in Worship

Baptism Brochure



The Daily Office link provides references to both the Rites of Morning and Evening Prayers found in the Book of Common Prayer. It contains the daily office lectionary and is available in both English and Spanish languages.

Daily Office