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The Rev. Linda Mayer, Priest
Linda Cox, Senior Warden
Larry Hazelton, Junior Warden


Ladies and Friends of St. Andrews:
Have you ever wondered,
“What is ECW?” We are the Episcopal Church Women.
“What do you do?” We meet regularly and support the church and community.
“How do you do this?” We do this in a variety of ways. Basically, in the Parish of St. Andrew’s, we operate in the following way: Any and all women of the parish can be members of ECW. We meet every other month and encourage ALL women to attend the meetings. Dues are $10 a year. We do anything that we are made aware of, that benefits the church.

In the past we have done such things as:

• Held rummage sales that netted $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 per sale. (this was prior to Habitat for Humanity serving in our community.)
• Repaired the narthex after someone drove into it.
• Purchased a car for a Priest that could not afford one.
• Remodeled the kitchen with new lights, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, and fan.
• Purchased floor and window coverings for the fellowship hall and kitchen multiple times.
• Hosted receptions for weddings, funerals and other special occasions.
• Sponsored retreats and work shops for our women.
• Painted the fellowship hall and kitchen multiple times.
• Donated to Girls on the Run, needy persons, and organizations as needed.

Currently we provide the following services:

• Donate all supplies for the fellowship hall, kitchen and bathrooms including supplies, such as dishes, coffee, tea, etc. for all coffee hours and dinners.
• Pay for washing windows and cleaning carpets.
• Donate to needy persons.
• Give to the Lake Chelan Food Bank and Chelan Valley Hope.
• Hold the annual pie social, which has been a tradition for over 50 years
(we used to make homemade ice cream also).
• Donate to our Courtyard landscaping.
• Maintain the Fellowship Hall.
• Sponsor a performer at Bach Fest..

You may be involved with these things already, but if not, do they sound like something you would like to get involved with? We would love to have you join ECW in any way and be a part of keeping St. Andrew’s alive and vibrant. We meet for lunch every other month, on the second Thursday, in the Fellowship Hall, at noon, and have room for you to come and be a part of our group! Our next lunch will be held Thursday, October 12th.

Won’t you come and try us? For further questions regarding ECW, contact an officer of ECW.
Joan Hazelton @ 682-5265, April Clayton @ 679-0644, Pat LaPorte @ 682-1172, Linda Cox @ 682-5025

Pie Social 2017

The Pie Social, held on August 19, 2017, was a great and quick success. Posters and a new banner were purchased and donated by Meredith and Bob Beeson. Two weeks prior to the event, signs were put up in Chelan by Judy Oliver, Joan Hazelton, Nyla Kamphaus and Pat Laporte, and in Manson by Betty Pettit and Cathy Chevalier. Maureen Reynolds called everyone on our member’s list and received commitments for 99 pies with a total of 112 pies delivered by Saturday. Betty Pettit wrote an article that was placed on Go Lake April Clayton and Cathy Chevalier called the Second Cup radio show in the week prior to the sale to promote the event. Set up was held on Friday afternoon by April Clayton and Cathy Chevalier. We began to sell pies at 11:00 am and were sold out and mostly cleaned up by 3:00 pm. This year we also sold bottled water, but we forgot to count how many. (Next year!!)

Pies donated were: 19 apple, 8 apricot, 12 peach, 4 peach rhubarb, 4 sweet cherry, 11 sour cherry, 2 nectarine rhubarb, 4 marion berry, 15 blueberry, 6 black berry, 12 rhubarb, 2 pineapple rhubarb, 1 mixed berry, 5 pecan, 4 rhubarb strawberry, 1 raspberry/blueberry, 2 peach cream for a total of 112. The peach cream pies were not served due to Health Department regulations.

We sold:

77 slices of pie with ice cream @$4.00 $ 308.00
60 slices of pie @$3.50 $ 210.00
67 whole pies @ $15.00 $1005.00
Donations and water $ 706.80
TOTAL $2229.80

Suggestions for next year will be to continue to begin the sale at 11:00 am. We will consider having the first shift start at 10:00 and then go 2 hours from then. We will also continue to have water for sale. We discussed that we need to have more money in the cash box to start, especially $1 and $5 bills. A tally of in-kind donations would also be a good item to report.
Additional pie tins will need to be purchased or donated prior to next year’s pie sale. We suggest that the ECW purchase these pie tins with the proceeds from the sale.
Thank you to everyone who helped to make this pie sale a great success!

Respectfully submitted,
April Clayton
Cathy Chevalier

Jim and Liz Perry Move to Wenatchee

Beloved St. Andrew’s parishioners, Jim and Liz Perry, will be moving to Wenatchee next month. Jim and Liz have been a part of St. Andrew’s for many decades. Both of them have served on Vestry boards over the years, hosting retreats, and co-chairing numerous committees. They have spear-headed many projects in our congregation including building the Columbarium and it’s addition. Liz spent countless hours researching St. Andrew’s history to write her book, “If These Logs Could Talk…..”. Perhaps the most precious gift they have given St. Andrew’s, other than their presence and friendship, are the beautiful stained glass windows in our log church. We wish Jim and Liz blessings and love as they move to Wenatchee. Their new address will be available in the Parish Hall.




Marci Hale—1
Donna Bagby—5
Ken Hartl—6
Jack Reynolds—13
Randy Farris—14
Kathy Madden—17
Lacy Boosinger—20
Madi Reynolds—25

Dave and Tamara Larson—14





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