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The Rev. Canon Linda Mayer, Vicar

Linda Cox, Bishop's Warden

Bob Beeson, People's Warden

April 2021


Episcopal Bishop Gretchen Rehberg Visits St. Andrew’s Church


(CHELAN, WA) On the fourth anniversary of her ordination as the first woman Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane, The Rt. Rev. Gretchen Rehberg officiated Holy Eucharist at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Downtown Chelan

“We were so pleased to welcome Bishop Rehberg to our March 21 Sunday service,” Rev. Cannon Linda Mayer said. “She has many connections plus family in the Chelan Valley. It’s like coming home for her. Our congregation was honored.”

“For more than a century, St. Andrew’s has been a big part of the history of Chelan. And for the last four years, we looked to Bishop Rehberg for spiritual guidance and direction. It is an honor to help celebrate her anniversary as Bishop in our historic log church.”

Rev. Mayer noted that this was the first celebration of Holy Eucharist since Christmas, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As in the past, there was live acoustic and organ music arranged by music director Hannah Hubbard and choral presentations from soloist Marci Hale.

The territory of the present-day Diocese of Spokane has thirty-eight congregations and encompasses all of Washington east of the Cascades and the northern Idaho panhandle. Bishop Rehberg is domiciled in Spokane at St. John’s Cathedral but travels weekly to the various Episcopal churches within the Diocese totaling nearly 5,000 congregants.

St. Andrew's Church, built more than 110 years ago, is the oldest permanent structure in Chelan. The church became the centerpiece around which the community grew to eventually become a city. Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the church attracts many visitors. The public is welcome at Sunday services held at 10 a.m.

The church is located at 120 E. Woodin Avenue, P.O. Box 1226 Chelan, WA 98816. Telephone: (509) 682-2851, email: ZOOM:

Photo and article courtesy of Terry J. LaBrue, APR.

Bishop’s Committee News:

• Rimmer and Roeter will be starting on logs this coming week. They will open the moldy wall & give a report. By summer, the whole church will be painted.

• Publicity directory Terry LaBrue is working on multiple articles for our St. Andrew’s. These articles will be featured in upcoming newsletters as well as local newspapers.

• Outreach—Outreach member’s recent discussion has led to a situation in Jackson, Mississippi. Kathy discovered their church was named St Andrews and considered that was a "sign" she was on a good path. She had made contact ( messages only) with an individual there (Katy) but had determined by close internet research that they had a well-organized system of helping their community. Based on that information, she will make an announcement Sunday to ask for contributions to support their existing Meals on Wheels program. It has a nutritional as well as a social impact on their community. In addition-- we will pray for them. When funds are sent, we will include Liz Perry's book, "If These Walls Could Talk” as a point of verification of who we are.

• Music: Marci and Hannah will continue to select music that is appropriate for each service.

• Linda has received info from Spokane diocese re: grief counseling with special emphasis on the loss of children. Please contact her if you would like more information.


In memory of Dick Ward

Dillis “Dick” Ward, 95, of East Wenatchee, died Wednesday, March 24, 2021.
Dick was a member of St. Luke’s in Wenatchee. His father was a dedicated member of our St. Andrew’s family for many years.
Please pray for his family and loved ones.



"I asked the Lord for a bunch of fresh flowers
but instead he gave me an ugly cactus with many thorns.
I asked the Lord for some beautiful butterflies
but instead he gave me many ugly and dreadful worms.
I was threatened. I was disappointed.
I mourned. But after many days,
suddenly, I saw the cactus bloom
with many beautiful flowers and those worms became
beautiful butterflies flying in the wind.
God's way is the best way."

Chung-Ming Kao from prison


Happy Birthday

Jean Vick—1
Mike Hart—9
David Pettit—18
Betty Pettit—18
Desiree Blair—25
Emily Jateff—26

Happy Anniversary

Kathy & Ellis Nierenberg—22







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