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The Rev. Linda Mayer, Priest
Linda Cox, Senior Warden
Larry Hazelton, Junior Warden

MAY 2017


Vestry Meeting News—
1. Vestry Retreat-will be held Saturday, May 6 at Linda Mayer’s home. The Rev. Frances Twiggs will be contacted to lead the Retreat.
2. Security camera—Linda Mayer will call Keyhole security for an estimate on adding another camera in the Courtyard for surveillance.
3. Video Equipment—Linda Mayer would like a permanent video setup in Parish Hall for overflow funerals and other events. Deepwater will give us an estimate.
4. Freezing pipes—A temporary wall in the basement needs to be removed to allow heat to flow to the bathroom pipes. Marci will ask Breck if he can do the job.
5. Food Bank—May is St. Andrew’s food bank volunteer month.
6. Clergy Retreat—will be held May 8-10. Linda Mayer will attend.

Diocesan Data—
1. Spring Regional Gathering will be Saturday, May 20 in Ellensburg:
Bishop Rehberg will be in attendance. There will be considerable time devoted to conversation about the diocese - about our congregations, our ministries, our dreams and desires, and how we are following Christ together.
This year’s Gathering Days will explore the Biblical stories that resonate with how each congregation sees itself at this time in its life, and how that points to congregational development opportunities.
2. Spring UTO Ingathering: Sunday, May 21
The Spring UTO Ingathering will be on Sunday, May 21, 2017. (It is traditionally scheduled for a Sunday near Ascension Day which falls on Thursday, May 25, 2017, this year.) Starting now or after Easter, please encourage your parishioners to pick up a Blue Box and put in a coin for each blessing bestowed on them by our wonderful God.


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St. Andrew's Easter Cross, Dustin Thomas, Lacy Boosinger



Good news from Iris

(Excerpts from a letter to St. Andrew’s regarding Iris Santos)

On a day where many are struggling with all the complications and questions surrounding immigration, here is an encouraging story. As you know, Iris Santos has spent the past five or so years trying to get Permanent Resident status. For someone who has a father who is a naturalized US citizen and three siblings who were born US citizens, you would think her path would be easy. However for her, the journey has been complicated by an error on her birth certificate as well as much misinformation from both paid advisors and immigration officials. At the Spokane Immigration office, through her DACA status she was able to apply for and received Advanced Parole to go to Mexico, which she did in early January. Most importantly she was able to re-enter the US where she received a legal entry stamp on her Mexican passport.

This legal entry allows her to complete the application process for Permanent Resident status without having to spend up to a month in Ciudad Juarez waiting to be approved for a Visa to re-enter the US. She left immigration with another form to fill out, accompanied by it’s $1,000 application fee. She must submit this new application and fee, along with her approved I-130, and proof of legal entry and wait it out. However, there is no reason to believe that she won’t be granted Permanent Resident status in about six months. Five years later she can apply for US citizenship.

I felt it was important to share this with you all today. If it wasn’t for the parts, big and small, that each of you have played in this process, it might not have happened for Iris. Iris plans on getting the forms filled out in the next few days and has funds available to pay the application fee.

Thanks to each of you for all you have done. -Siri


“Every challenge we take on has the power to shake us—to knock us to our knees. And yet what’s even more disconcerting than the jolt itself is our fear that we won’t withstand it. When we feel the ground beneath us shifting, we panic… What I know for sure is that the only way to endure the quake is to shift your stance.” –
Oprah Winfrey

Hot off the Press!

St. Andrew’s member Shannon L. Kollmeyer has a lifelong passion for hunting and adventure. Who would have thought? —a mild-mannered real estate and banking guy goes out and “lives on the edge.” He knows hunting. He’s lived it, having stalked game in all of the Western United States, Canada (including the Arctic Ocean), New Zealand, and Africa. He has collected over 50 animals with rifle and bow that qualify for the major record books of trophy animals. Shannon graduated in economics from Washington State University and earned an MBA from cross state rival, University of Washington. He and his wife, Cris, live in Chelan, Washington. They have two grown children, Aaron and Kelly.
About the Book
Untamed wilderness, nasty terrain, daunting conditions, over 50 species—experience it all in one man’s lifetime hunting passion. No braggadocio—just solid stories that show the hard work, research, planning, practice, patience, and perseverance that makes for good hunting. Shannon Kollmeyer is your guide through this spectrum of hunts in four countries, 20 locations, various geographies, different cultures, and every type of terrain and weather imaginable. Follow the author’s footsteps across the Yukon wilderness, the Canadian Arctic, Alaska, the United States, Africa, and New Zealand. Hunt polar bears near the North Pole, 80 miles out on Arctic Ocean ice, traveling by dogsled and surviving bitter cold. Scale almost vertical mountain streambeds pursuing Dall sheep. Stalk giant Alaskan brown bears—on foot. Successfully hunt caribou, moose, grizzly bear, wolverine, and wolves in the Canadian Arctic. Enjoy hunts for wild sheep, mountain lions, mountain goats, deer, elk, and moose in North America, plus Himalayan tahr and chamois in New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Chilling, authoritative daily accounts of hunting four of the most dangerous killers in Africa will give you goose bumps. The author and his wife escape the charge of an enraged, screaming, wounded elephant, they stalk a silent killer leopard in pure darkness, and survive a stampeding herd of cranky Cape buffalo. A wounded lion gets tracked through kasaka , long grass, and dambo, finally succumbing to the hunter’s pursuit. You will experience the suspense, fear, and resolve of stalking unpredictable killer animals with the potential of death always lurking. A total of 19 African animals are hunted in a world few have seen. Almost 300 photos of animals and their habitat embellish the text.

For more information or to contact the author,
or call 1-888-OP-BOOKS

Press Release from: Outskirts Press, Inc

Luke Corbin—6
Dave Gellatly—12
Mike Clayton—17
Nyla Kamphaus—20
Dustin Thomas—22
gailanne Molver—25
Judy Thayer—29
April Boosinger--30

Norm and Linda Kuntz—31




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