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The Rev. Canon Linda Mayer, Vicar
Linda Cox, Bishop's Warden
Bob Beeson, People's Warden

September 2020


Linda Mayer’s Weekly Letter—Each week since the COVID pandemic began, Linda has written a letter to our church members. It is her hope and prayer that this letter provides members with church informational updates, love and encouragement during COVID. If you would like to receive this letter please let us know!
You can email us at or call the office (509) 682-2851.

Dear St. Andrew’s family:

Good morning. We will be having church this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. If you wish to join us via Zoom please telephone me at 670-6166 so we can give you the instructions.

The Bishop’s Committee decided to continue with Sunday morning services as we have done for several weeks. They did decide to not allow outside organizations to use our facilities just yet. We will wait until our Chelan County Phase has been increased by the Governor.

Fall Regional Gathering day will take place on Saturday September 26th via Zoom, so this allows everyone to join. Registration can be done by going to the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane website.
You will also find a Sunday “Worship at Home” page on the Diocesan site.

Several of our church logs are being replaced this morning as I came into the office. Bob Beeson has been busy organizing this needed repair. Larry Hazelton and his garden crew have continued to keep the church yard a place of joy and wonder for those who arrive on Sunday mornings and for those who pass by on the sidewalk. Many thanks goes to the Altar Guild who continue to get the church ready for Sunday morning services. With all the challenges it takes quite a team to keep St. Andrew’s alive and well.

Peace and Love




St. Andrew’s Columbarium


One day the Reverend Melinda St. Clair, then rector of St. Andrew’s, took her dachshund puppy out for his walk and found a man comfortable ensconced in a sleeping bag behind the Columbarium. “You can’t stay here,” she said. “You must move on.” After much grumbling, cursing and a threat or two from the man, Melinda said, “Do you know you are sleeping in a graveyard?” He left.

In 1997 the Vestry was asked by Dick Ward to consider building a columbarium in the churchyard. A committee consisting of Senior Warden Tom Taxelius, architect Larry Hibbard, and Dick Ward began a study of what form it would take. The architect drew up a preliminary sketch and rough mockup from feedback of the committee and interested members of the congregation. It would be made of local stone and placed in the east garden of the church.

The niches were presold before construction to underwrite the cost of the niches, and a Columbarium Committee of Tom Taxelius, Darrell Thayer, Liz Perry, and Rector Melinda St. Clair was formed to keep Columbarium records.

Construction was started in 1999 under the supervision of Jim Perry, Darrell Thayer and Fred Rarden, with volunteers to do some of the heavy lifting. Members of the parish brought stones from their properties and beaches to be set in the base and the pillars. All brick used was from the original church chimney that was taken down when the breezeway was remodeled in the 1980’s. The remaining brick has been stored behind the Columbarium to be used in the construction of additional niches.

The St. Andrew’s Columbarium was consecrated by the bishop, the Rt. Rev. James Waggoner Jr., on October 12, 2002. An addition was added and consecrated by Bishop Waggoner on October 27, 2014.

An excerpt from If These Walls Could Talk by Elizabeth Watson Perry


***St. Andrew’s Columbarium still has niche openings for church members and their loved ones. Please call Linda Mayer if you would like more information. (509) 670-6166





Log Repair at St. Andrew’s


Rimmer and Roeter Construction are onsite at the church this week to complete some much needed log repair. Over time, some of the church logs have cracked and split. Crews are busy replacing, caulking, and sealing them.



Happy Birthday!

Julio Alatorre—1
Judy Oliver—6
Kyle Rynd—20
Kathy Nierenberg—21
Sean Rynd—23
Barb Sutor—30


Happy Anniversary!

Ellis and Kathy Nierenberg—22





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