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The Rev. Linda Mayer, Vicar

Linda Cox, Bishop's Warden

Bob Beeson, People's Warden

June 2021


Church Announcements:

Priest Celebration—The Rev. Linda Mayer is celebrating 12 years since her ordination to the transitional Deaconate and 11 years since her ordination to the Priesthood. Join us as we celebrate together on Sunday, June 6th after church service in the Parish Hall.

ECW Luncheon—The Episcopal Church Women will meet again for a noon luncheon on Thursday, June 10. All women of our church are welcome.

Coffee Hour—On May 23rd, St. Andrew’s held the first coffee hour after COVID began over a year ago. Sunday was also the Day of Pentecost. The red fire of the Holy Spirit filled our hearts and church and minds!



Restoration of Historic St. Andrew’s 123-Year-Old Log Church Begins
Sympathetic renovation necessary after sustaining the ravages of time.

In the first major repairs of the structural logs since the bell tower upgrade and removal of the 1902-era false-front annex in 2008, the landmark building on Woodin Avenue is getting a careful inspection.

“We have discovered several logs that need replacement,” Bob Beeson, St. Andrew’s People’s Warden said. “That’s not surprising considering they’ve been servicing our congregations for more than a century.”

The last rehab thirteen years ago replaced rotting logs, a leaking bell tower roof. The project was overseen then by Larry Hibbard of Manson and the contractor was Rimmer & Roeter Construction of Cashmere.

This time, the church logs will be sealed and painted.

A general cleanup and reevaluation of items in the church basement has uncovered a host of curious items from decades past. For instance, an Easter cross made to hold fresh flowers has been evaluated for a future use.

Two cats, a mother and her offspring, who homesteaded the space between the church and the Parish Hall have also found new, adoptive homes. “You really couldn’t call them strays,” The Rev. Linda Mayer remarked. “They have been here for some time and enjoyed the run of the courtyard as well as kibble and water provided by the volunteer staff.”

Beeson, estimates the restoration will take several weeks and will cost in excess of $30,000 which will be financed by the church members. Rimmer & Roeter Construction is again contracted to perform the repairs.

“We are blessed to have such a wonderful parish church that truly is a one-of-a-kind structure that suits our needs so well,” Rev. Mayer said. “Many people over the years have done their best to maintain its integrity so that we can worship here every week. That is a blessing of the years and a testament to the longevity of the spirit.”


St. Andrew’s Outreach Committee Spreads Assistance to Storm-Ravaged Mississippi—Christian generosity is shown to namesake parish.

In a chance viewing of a recent cable news broadcast, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church outreach committee members, Kathy Nierenberg, Susan Fisher, and Judy Ramos, were riveted by the devastation they witnessed in Jackson, Mississippi.

The former nurses were moved to add a church in the Deep South to a possible list of relief projects under consideration by the committee.

The Mississippi region has been roiled by hurricanes and tornados earlier this month, a failed municipal fresh-water system and of course the Covid-19 pandemic. It is estimated than nearly half of Jackson’s residents are without fresh water causing a dramatic public-health crisis.

“We at St. Andrew’s have long supported assistance movements in locations around the world,” said The Rev. Canon Linda Mayer. “This time, it seems appropriate to focus on Episcopalians closer to home, even if they are clear across the country.”

The area has also been long troubled by widespread unemployment, poverty, and lack of infrastructure investment. Committee Chairwoman Judy Ramos said “I watched the TV program and immediately thought ‘What can we at St. Andrew’s do? This is just so awful.’”

Marci Hale, an ex-officio member of the group, went online and discovered that St. Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral in Jackson, the state capitol, is running a vital food bank to assist those affected by the natural and man-made disasters. “I took it as a sign that both the cathedral and our Chelan parish share the same name and mission. Plus, we’ve both been serving our individual church communities for more than 110 years,” Ms. Hale said.

In a multi-pronged effort, Ms. Nierenberg contacted the cathedral and learned of the dire need within the church families and its neighbors. Then, St. Andrew’s committee met and quickly decided to lend a financial hand to the Mississippi food program.

Practically overnight after announcing the fund-raising effort, the parishioners at St. Andrew’s collected more than $1,000 to send off to their namesake, historic church. Ms. Ramos reported that many human efforts and contributors made the financial gift possible.

Happy Birthday
Jane Farris—3
Meredith Beeson—10
Norm Kuntz—16
John Michael Clayton—24

Happy Anniversary
Bob & Marcie Jateff—16
Adam & Kelli Rynd—24
Judy and Rufino Ramos—24
Dave & Betty Pettit—27

Happy birthday to Marye Cooper. She celebrated a very special 95th birthday on May 16th!



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