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The Rev. Canon Linda Mayer, Vicar
Linda Cox, Bishop's Warden
Bob Beeson, People's Warden

October 2020


Fall Study and Learning Program—

We will begin a new study this October titled, “Creating Our Way Through Art”. Classes will begin Sunday October 4th after church service and continue for five weeks. Each week we will watch a video hosted by Andrea Farley and hold discussion. Members are welcome to participate via Zoom as well. Please contact Linda Mayer if you have questions. Below is an introductory note from leader Andrea Farley:

This fall’s formation series was a challenging choice, as this year is quite the challenging one. In the end, though, we chose a series that I am really excited to experience with you all!

Leaning into creativity and its interplay in our world and faith seems like a timely choice for 2020. Art provokes a recognition of injustice and needed change, and these are absolutely at play in 2020. Art evokes response, beauty, connection – we desperately need to lean into these in 2020. Art heals; It goes without saying that we could use some healing work in 2020.

It’s been beautiful to see the way art and creativity have been springing up in the world around us. Murals, bread baking, zoom-based choirs, imaginative photo shoots from homes – there has been a marked upswing in people engaging artistic and creative expressions this year.

As Christians, we believe in a God who is a creator, a God whose very nature and actions move in creativity. So let’s lean into a conversation about art and God. It is my prayer that this series will help us go deeper in our own discipleship, and go deeper in seeing and experiencing the very heart of God all around us.

Grateful as always to be a fellow disciple with each of you,

United Thank Offering—

Sunday, October 4th we will be collecting offering’s for UTO. Donation’s for the St. Andrew’s United Thank Offering usually stay in the Diocese, and go to churches, or special needs that ask for help.

During the Sunday Eucharist at Diocesan Convention in October, a church member from St. Andrews walks up the aisle of the Cathedral and offers our donation. This year we will not be at the Cathedral for Convention due to COVID. It is still our honor and privilege to participate in this worthy cause.

Holy Eucharist—

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues we look for new opportunities to reach out to St. Andrew’s families that are unable to join on Sunday mornings for church service and participate in Holy Eucharist. We are discussing the possibility of delivering Holy Eucharist to those who feel uncomfortable at church.

Bishop Committee members are reaching out to church members on our Calling Tree to see who would like home delivery either by our Priest or one of our licensed Eucharistic Visitors. Please call Linda Mayer (509) 670-6166 if you would like to receive this service.


Blessing of the Animals—

On Saturday, October 10th at 11:00 a.m. Linda will hold a Blessing of the Animals in the St. Andrew’s Courtyard. Humans should wear masks. Animal need not.


Lutheran Intern—

St. Andrew’s is pleased to welcome Lutheran intern Dane Breslin. Dane shared the Homily at last week’s church service and will continue to preach at St. Andrew’s every other month for the next year. We welcome Dane and his family and look forward to getting to know him better over the months to come.


Fall Regional Gathering—

At this year’s Regional Gathering delegates were asked three questions pertaining to the statement for the times we are in: What are the waves that are swamping (or rocking) our boats, and how is that changing who we are?

1. What is your greatest concern or most important challenge?
2. What is essential? What can we let go of?
3. What is our next faithful step?

Take a moment to consider your answer to each of these questions.


This year our Diocesan Convention will be held online. Saturday, October 17th from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Three workshops will be offered at 9:00 a.m. Everyone is encouraged to register and sign up for these online classes.
Our St. Andrew’s delegates are Ed McLain, Kathy Nierenberg, and alternate Judy Ramos. Next month they will share Convention news with us.
Delegates brought forth the question: Who are our neighbors and how can we enrich their lives?

Our neighbors can live next door, they can live in another county, or state, or country. How can we assess their needs and show Christ’s love through our thoughts and actions?


Baby Announcement

Congratulations to Adam and Kelli Rynd
and family as they welcome their
first grand-daughter Lia Kleinert!
Lia was born on September 24th
and weighed 7.0 lbs.



 Happy Birthday

Marci Hale—1
Donna Bagby—5
Randy Farris—14
Lacy Boosinger—20
Madi Reynolds—25

Happy Anniversary

David and Tamara Larson


Words of Wisdom: If at first you don’t succeed, better not take up skydiving!





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